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Recruitment agencies receive hundreds of CVs every day.  So by our calculations, Letica alone has seen over 480,000 CVs since Van Allen Crew was established.  With this in mind, we hope you will appreciate some guidance on how to create a CV that will help you to stand out and be considered for the position you are applying for.  Here is a template to base your CV on, it does not need to be a carbon copy, just use it as guidance and take note of some of the suggestions.

CV Template

Social Media Presentation!

According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, and about 43 percent of employers use social media to check on current employees.   Don't panic, you can use this to your advantage.   Consider how you present yourself on your public profile.  

Did you read the job description?

Common sense I'm sure you will agree but you would be surprised how many candidates apply for positions without reading the full job description.  The most obvious is when we are looking for female only crew and male crew apply.   Would you be surprised then if we questioned your attention to detail?  Please read the full description, apply online or maybe take that extra care to apply personally via email.  Tell us why you think you are the best candidate for the job but please be realistic.  

Don't shoot the messenger!

We are asked by our clients to present crew that matches their requirements.  This is not our decision, we are here to represent the client and work within their scope.  Have you considered that some requirements may be due to religious beliefs or personal preferences?  Please believe us, we want nothing more than to place you, it is a win-win for all of us.  

Are you ready for your interview?

We are not here to patronise you but once again we often receive feedback from clients who are hugely unimpressed with the way crew have presented themselves for the interview.  If you are taking up your own time to attend an interview please be sure you want the job in the first place.  It is so obvious for a client if you are not interested in the vacancy.  Focus on the attention to detail that is expected from the crew who work on yachts.  Dress appropriately and present yourself as a member of the crew who could step onboard that day.  i.e don't' turn up looking like you've just got out of bed (yep it has happened) or you are ready for a night out.  Invest in simulating crew uniform.

Prepare some questions, don't just focus on the salary.  Think about questions that will show your true reason for wanting the job, find out more about the yachts itinerary, owners/guest, crew.  Why are they looking for a new crew member, what can you learn from the person that is leaving this role?

Consider taking a copy of your CV not everyone has an electronic copy to hand.  Once again this shows you are thinking ahead and prepared for all options.

Breaking into the yachting industry?

Please do your research, be sure this is what you want to do before you invest in courses, travel, accommodation and clothing.  Join the appropriate facebook groups, connect with other crew to understand what it is really like to work on a superyacht.  Create a great CV (see above) and start dock walking.  

The successful Dock Walker gets up early!

Put yourself in the shoes of the first mate/chief stewardess, if they are looking for someone to help them, what time of day would that be?  First thing, daybreak?  Not only does this show that you are keen but it demonstrates that you are serious.  Turning up at the back of a boat, looking scruff, stinking of the night before isn't going to win you and points.  Also, consider doing it again towards the end of day when the crew are planning the next days' schedule.    Keep your chin up, it isn't easy and rejection can be hard.  Keep trying and hopefully, you will get that first opportunity.   Be careful though to never approach a yacht when guests are on board.  


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